Noleggio Burton Cortina d'Ampezzo

Gear that fits properly is essential to find success with snowboarding.

Especially if you beginners it is important to rent the right equipment, so you can start with the right foot and have fun. For instance, a snowboard that’s not the right size can hinder the riding process.
Furthermore, having the right equipment is also essential for your safety. There are three main parameters useful for choosing the right snowboard for you:

  • weight and height
  • size of the boot
  • type of use

The equipment must be setup according to these information so that you can enjoy winter just as much as we do.

It is important to use a helmet that is mandatory for those under 14, but highly recommended for everyone. So if you lack the equipment, something is to be fixed or adjusted or you have technical doubts, Cortina Ski Rental is the ideal reference point.

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