Why take snowboard lesson?

We have all the little tricks to make your first time a stress free, fun experience.

Should I book a snowboard lesson in advance?

We are a small snowboard school so we always suggest to book in advance.

Do I need safety gear?

You’ve probably already discovering that being a snowboarding beginner means falling over – a lot. It might sound obvious but you can use snowboarding gear to protect your body when you are learning to snowboard.

Safety should always be your first priority so we suggest wrist guards, kneeprotection and helmet.

Goofy or regular?

Goofy, also referred to as “fakie” riding, is someone leading with the right leg.

Regular describes someone who is leading with the left leg. Generally, this is the most common riding position.

If you do any other board sports like skateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding or kiteboarding; you’ll ride your snowboard the same way. If you don’t do any other board sport, there are couple tests you can do that will help you decide whether you should start riding regular or goofy.

For example one test is done by standing straight with your eyes closed. Have a friend gently push you forward. Take note of which foot you put forward to keep balance. Chances are, that will be your front foot.

Are the instructors qualified?

Yup! All our instructors are qualified and they have many years of experience in teaching all levels of snowboard.

What are the snowboarding skill levels?

The levels are:

1.    First time on the snowboard
2.    Beginner
3.    Beginner to intermediate
4.    Expert

What should I bring with me during the lesson?
  • Skipass
  • Equipment: snowboard and boots
  • Helmet and goggle
  • Wrist guards and kneeguards if you are a beginner
  • Suncream
Ski or snowboard: which is the easiest to learn for a beginner?

This question is frequent among those who have no experience of snow sports, but also among those who practice one of the two disciplines. These are two completely different sports that share only the same environment. At the beginning snowboard seems very difficult because the stances are side-on and so the beginner has less peripheral vision, but with the right technique it’s easy to master.

Do I need to be physically prepaired?

Snowboarding is a very physically demanding sport. From the outside looking in, it may look like you’re just gliding down a slope. The reality is that you’re using almost every muscle group in your body to shift weight, turn, stop, and balance.  Like all sports, the fitter you are, the further you will improve.

How dangerous is snowboarding?

Snowboarding is not a dangerous sport. Most accidents are without serious consequences. It is important to learn the right technique.

Is it easy to learn to snowboard if you are a good skier?

It helps, but maybe not as much as you think it would.

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