What is the right age to start snowboarding?

The age a child should learn to snowboard is, unnecessarily and unfairly, a pretty contentious subject.

There are lots of differing opinions – some based in fact, some not! If you are keen to share your passion for riding with your kids or they are keen to get on a board then, thanks to innovations in child specific snowboarding equipment and teaching methods, it is now possible for children to try out snowboarding pretty much as soon as they can walk!
Teaching a young child (under 5’s especially) can be hard work because it needs to be fairly hands on at first whilst they get used to the board and how to use it.
For the first few session you may feel their progress is slow but, if you can make those first few times fun and exciting, you’ll find that improvement will come fairly quickly.
As parents you will need to take into account your child’s temperament, determination and co-ordination and go into teaching them with a solid pinch of realism! Every child is different.
However, to help children to learn to snowboard as easily as possible and to combat these concerns, children need kid specific teaching methods and kid specific equipment. Thankfully snowboard manufacturers have been developing more and more equipment with very young children in mind (most notably and most successfully, Burton) and there have also been great strides made in teaching techniques for young kids (again Burton are at the forefront of this with their Riglet Reels and Riglet parks).

Boarderline instructors offer snowboard lesson for children of all ages starting from the age of 3, in order to guarantee fun, safety and learning.

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